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"Bibi" is running out of time: Netanyahu is fighting for coalition alliance

                           Sunday, October 20, 2019                                              Netanyahu threatens to fail in forming a government. (Photo: AP)               For Benjamin Netanyahu it will be tight: Until the middle of next week, Israel's prime minister has time to set up a government. But the faltering coalition talks are not his only concern.               Israel seems to find

Armed with a hatchet: robbers ambush two discounters in Bremen

                           Sunday, October 20, 2019                                              Two discounters are attacked in Bremen. (Icon) (Photo: imago images / Future Image)               Unknown two robbed discounters in Bremen within one hour. They are masked and armed with a hatchet. In both cases they escape with cash.               Two discounters in Bremen have been attacked by robbers with

Interview to the U-committee: "The error lies in the system"

                           Sunday, October 20, 2019                                              "Nobody was in the end responsible for anything", complains Green defense expert Lindner. (Photo: imago images / trigger photography)               The interim conclusion of the Greens to the committee of inquiry of the consultant affair is devastating. Your security policy expert Tobias Lindner speaks of federally owned companies

Wedding in Mallorca: Rafael Nadal is under the hood

                           Sunday, October 20, 2019                                              Rafael Nadal and Xisca Perello have been a couple for 14 years. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa)               Tennis pro Rafael Nadal has married his long-term friend Xisca. For the wedding, the couple choose Mallorca, the couple's home island. At the private party, a guest stands out.               The

Years long gone ?: Groko discusses the mid-term review

                           Sunday, October 20, 2019                                              The Grand Coalition disagreed on some issues, such as land rent. (Photo: imago / Jürgen Heinrich)               Climate protection, land rent and the war in Syria – the grand coalition has a lot to talk about. Half of the legislative period is over, the GroKo comes together for